About us

The farmhouse company is nestled amidst the bank of the Kalundre River and the tranquil foothills of new Panvel on the outskirts of Mumbai. It is not just a farmhouse that will leave you breathless with the enchantment of its surroundings, but assists in redefining your lifestyles. Farming is our passion and we love providing nutritious, delicious produce to our customers. We grow a variety of micro greens, fresh herbs & vegetables.

It all started in 2007 as a hobby to have organic, fresh, farm grown vegetables. We had always wanted to produce food which was healthy and delicious for ourselves and others to enjoy. Whatever vegetables we produced was consumed by us or distributed to our families and friends. Last year, while dining at a fine restaurant we were very impressed and blown by the garnishing on our Dish. They were these tiny greens and yet so pungent in taste. There itself we stumbled upon the idea of growing micro greens and edible flowers in our farmhouse.

We began our micro green journey with a poly-tunnel green house built in between the lychee orchid & around mango trees. We first fell in love with Wasabi mustard greens while tasting them for the first time and decided to start our business with what nudged in the idea to produce micro greens. Our first produce was pungent wasabi mustard, spicy radish, pea tendrils, sunflower greens, beautiful red amaranth, healthy beetroot, etc.

The farmhouse company, ensures a high quality, hand raised and picked products. We grow all our produce in certified organic compost and coco peat, which we have carefully balanced with nutrients. We keep our produce as organic as possible since we believe in the importance of eating and providing produce, which is healthy and good for you.

Micro-greens provide a culinary playground of tantalizing tumbles of bitter and tangy, of sweet, spicy and peppery tastes. All or products are good for salads and garnishing's. Our products are packed with minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants required by the vital organs of the human body for a healthy lifestyle.

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